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How long are the sessions?

Please refer to Services Page for information about the length and number of sessions typical to the type of counseling that you are seeking.

Are the sessions on consecutive days?

Yes, the intensive counseling is conducted over consecutive days. Individuals, Premarital or PreEngagement are typically either Wednesday & Thursday or Thursday & Friday. Couples Intensives are conducted Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Do you accept health insurance?

At Stake Ministries is a non-profit organization that does not accept any insurance.

Is there a per session fee?

At Stake Ministries is a non-profit organization that is donor funded therefore; we rely on donations from counselees and non-counselees in order to operate the ministry. A 2-Day intensive costs $2350. A 3-Day intensive costs $3525. Hourly counseling costs $150. For those needing assistance with the costs, we have a Benevolence fund. As a ministry, we make sure cost is never the issue that prevents someone from receiving our services.

How can I get help with the costs?

When you call to book services, you will discuss the cost for the services(s) you seek. If you request assistance, an email will be sent with a link that allows you to apply for financial assistance through our Benevolence Fund.

How can I help support this ministry?

At Stake Ministries relies on support from our counselees and non-counselee donors. Your support would be greatly appreciated. We can facilitate a monthly automatic donation or help a one time donation through this Donate Now link.

The method of electronic giving with the lowest processing fees is ACH bank transfer. Credit and debit card fees are over twice as much as ACH.

Are you a certified counselor or psychotherapist?

Kansas does not certify Biblical or Pastoral Counselors, so no we are not.

Do I need to be a Christian to see you?

No. Many of the tools and skills we use apply to all people. We do encourage each person to form a new or renewed relationship with the One True Counselor (Jesus Christ), so that you can allow Him to make the changes and not go it alone! We receive people where they are without judgment or condemnation, only with the love of Christ.

Is there overnight lodging available?

There is no lodging on the property. There is a very peaceful Bed & Breakfast just minutes away, as well as various hotels in Salina about 25 minutes away. Kanopolis Lake is a very nice lake that has some rental cabins and the ability to sit and watch the sunset together. We encourage our Salina clients to stay away from home in order to have a complete escape from the world while they are here.

Do I need to bring lunch, snacks, or drinks when I am there for an intensive?

Lunch is provided by At Stake for those here for an Intensive. You will have the opportunity to provide dietary restrictions on your intake paperwork. If you would like snacks in addition, feel free to bring what you desire. We provide coffee and water to drink. If you would like something additional to either of those, feel free to bring whatever you desire.